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Ford Ends the Excursion

September 30th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ford Ends the Excursion – Jalopnik

Please take a moment and read the news bit linked above. Not only can you delight in the knowledge that the one-time “largest SUV in America” Excursion is being retired, but you’ll get a laugh from Jalopnik’s write-up.

And this isn’t the usual “We’re retiring it with next year’s model” that most car manufacturers pull. The last Excursion will be driven out of a Louisville assembly plant TODAY.

The most notable item that sticks out in my mind about the Excursion is a horizontally mounted bar under the front bumper. Back when Ford was crash testing early Excursion models they noticed “an alarming tendancy for the vehicle to ride onto, over, or on top of the target vehicle.” To stop this “alarming” tank-style crushing they installed a bar that connected the frame and hung below the front bumper, guaranteeing that an Excursion will take your head off if you’re unlucky enough to go under the bumper. Not really. But what is possibly even more absurd is that they actually won a DESIGN AWARD for correcting a flaw in a monstrously large SUV.

That’s right, they won an award just for that bar.

Makes me wonder how many of these behemoths they have just lying around dealer lots.

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