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How To: Change Sync Directory For Logitech Pocket Digital

October 5th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Back in April of this year I got a good deal on a Logitech Pocket Digital 130 on eBay. I’ve been a fan of the camera ever since it was introduced, and when I was looking for a new digital camera it was my first choice.

The camera doesn’t take the best pictures in the world, but you can’t beat it when it comes to size. It has the same length and width as a business card, and the thickness of a pencil. It slides open to reveal the flash, view finder, and lens.

About a week ago the company I work for made a change to our domain system, requiring all users on dedicated systems (like me) to create a new profile in WindowsXP/2000. Everything went relatively smoothly, but the Logitech camera sync software decided it was going to continue copying all my pictures to my old profile.

Now, it is possible to locate the pictures via the Documents and Settings folder, but I really wanted to have the My Pictures shortcut work again. Plus I don’t have a reason to keep my old profile around except for this photo sync problem.

So I wrote an email to Logitech asking for help. Since it took them over three weeks to get back to me, here is their response so that anyone else experiencing this problem can find the solution here instead of waiting on Logitech:

Dear Jason,
You can save your pictures to a different location.
This requires a change in the registry that is not supported by Logitech.
Please follow the instructions below to save your pictures to a different location:

Click on Start.
Click on Run.
Type in Regedit.
Click OK.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to solve some issues, this document makes references to editing the Windows Registry. For information about how to edit the registry, view the “Changing Keys And Values” online Help topic in Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE).
Make a backup copy of the registry before you edit the registry.
WARNING: Using the Registry Editor incorrectly may cause symptoms requiring a reinstallation of Windows. Logitech is not responsible for issues which may result from incorrect use of the Registry Editor. Use the Registry Editor at your own discretion. The Registry Editor should only be used to make the exact changes described.

Click on File.
Click on Export.
Make sure the export range has a dot in all.
Name the file regbu.
Click on Save.
When it is finished that box will go away (this is the backup copy)

Click the + in front of HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
Click the + in front of Software.
Click the + in front of Logitech.
Click the + in front of CameraSoftware.1 (ImageStud.1 if you are using Image Studio software).
Click on the Album folder.
On the right side of the screen, double click on Base Dir.
Change the Value data line to read the path you want to save the pictures to.
Click OK.
Close the Registry Editor.
Restart the Computer.

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