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Zod in 2008!!! Kneel!!!

October 7th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

“When I first came to your planet and demanded your homes, property and very lives, I didn’t know you were already doing so, willingly, with your own government. I can win no tribute from a bankrupted nation populated by feeble flag-waving plebeians. In 2008 I shall restore your dignity and make you servants worthy of my rule. This new government shall become a tool of my oppression. Instead of hidden agendas and waffling policies, I offer you direct candor and brutal certainty. I only ask for your tribute, your lives, and your vote.”

— General Zod
Your Future President and Eternal Ruler

And so the next chapter in American history begins. Or Zoderican history… whatever.

Just kneel. The man has death beams.

Zod in 2008

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  1. October 9th, 2005 at 15:36 | #2

    oh hahah whoops. i can’t just give you a link without accompanying text… check this out: all of the too much coffee man comics for your perusing pleasure.

    Oh, and where is this Zod guy from? Star Trek or something?


  2. October 9th, 2005 at 19:18 | #3

    He’s from Superman 🙂

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