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Help Fight the Broadcast Flag!

October 16th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

I believe that one day, eventually, people will realize that electronic rights are as important as civil rights. We entered the era where information is power long ago but our laws have consistently lagged behind the pace of new technology.

To make a large issue simple: The Broadcast Flag is an attempt by the MPAA to use the FCC’s powers and impose copy controls on just about every form of digital media. Remember the days of recording your favorite shows or movies on your VCR? As the VCR goes the way of the Dodo you may lose that ability.

The EFF makes it easy to help fight the Broadcast Flag. Just click here, fill in your information on their secure server, modify the pre-written text if you’d like, and you’re done.

While you’re at it head to http://www.eff.org/ and sign up up for the EFFector, the EFF’s e-mail newsletter which will alert you about important issues like this one.

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