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The Starbucks Fair Trade Challenge

October 26th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Fellow blogspot blog green LA girl has an awesome challenge/contest going: Head to your local starbucks (just look under a rock if you can’t find one, the damn things swarm) and ask them to make you a cup of fair trade coffee. According to their own policy they are supposed to do so when requested, on any day of the week, whenever they are open (no restrictions is the point you should be getting here).

As you can probably expect the first reports coming back to them (via del.icio.us) aren’t encouraging. But don’t let that stop you. Do it anyway, and if you get looked at funny it’ll be that much worse for them in the end.

Validation: Starbucks corporate is sitting up and paying attention like the good lap dogs they are. At least they lady on the phone sounds like she was nice.

via Lifehacker

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