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Starbucks Fair Trade Challenge: East Lansing MI

October 27th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Following up on the Starbucks Fair Trade Challenge posted yesterday

I stopped by the East Lansing Starbucks on my way home from work yesterday, hoping to get myself a cup of fair trade coffee. I made my way past the throngs of MSU students hard at work to the front counter, and waited patiently while some guy in front of me made some obvious and fairly pathetic attempts to flirt with the girl at the register.

(Normally I wouldn’t bother writing down a detail like this, but I’ll give you one line he said that made feel obligated to do so: “Some day I’ll be world famous!” Sure buddy.)

After Mr. World Famous decided to go wait for his $5 drink I finally got my chance.

Register girl (RG): “Hello, what can we get for you today?”

Me (me): “I was wondering if you have any fair trade coffee available.”

RG: *3 second blank stare* “Ummm… one second.”

(literally one second later)

RG: “I’m sorry, but we don’t have any today.”

Me: “That’s ok. I’ll just take a regular brew. Am I the first person to ask you this today?”

RG: “Yeah, why?”

Me: “Well, there’s an online ‘experiment’ going on to see if your company is actually abiding by its policies.” (please note that I was not trying to give this obvious student a hard time about the gigantic company they work for) “Starbucks policy says that they are obliged to serve fair trade coffee at any of their stores if requested.”

RG: “OH! Now I know what you mean! Yeah, we have fair trade coffee that we can brew for you in a french press.”

By this point she’d already given me my plain brew, and now I was being told that they do in fact have what I’d asked for in the first place. I politely thanked her for the information, told her she’d probably be hearing more about this in the near future, paid, and left.

So… mission accomplished? Not exactly. Abiding by the policy? Sort of.

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  1. October 27th, 2005 at 16:27 | #1

    He he he

    Wonder why she did not think of french press in the first place…

    Thanks for joining in…



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