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November 1st, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

What the hell is going on in France? – Metafilter

I mean really, what the hell IS going on in France?

Looking at this from a broad perspective, I see multiple free and fairly prosperous nations such as France and the U.S. with increasingly large numbers of increasingly unhappy residents. Are we nearing a point where a “free” society cannot remain free while still avoiding revolution?

Are more and more of us reaching the point where we can’t stand our government? Or are we reaching the point where we really can’t stand each other? Anger has a habit of easily transferring from one person to another, from one idea to another, from a good reason to a bad reason. I hope the answer is where it usually is: Somewhere in the middle.

I wish I knew.

UPDATE 11/04/04: Check out this BBC News article. I’d be hard pressed to say the situation is improving.

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