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I Support Bloggers Rights

November 16th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Bloggers get fired for posting about their jobs. Bloggers get sued for posting previews of upcoming products (I’m looking at you Apple). Bloggers are sued, fired, AND shunned by some in the tech community for posting information on important and potentially devastating flaws in commercial software and hardware. What is potentially the biggest issue is the one I try to avoid on my blog: Politics. Current laws do NOT provide protection for bloggers who openly criticize or comment on politicians and elections. So we can talk about it to each other, but God help you if you publish your views on your blog.

Over at the EFF’s site you can pick up a badge and put it on your blog or web site, just the like the ones I’ve added to J*Blog and Freeware Freak today. The EFF also maintains a legal guide for bloggers and a guide to blogging safely, both essential reads for any blogger might be pushing the lines a bit.

Show your support for blogging rights by adding a badge to your page, and join the EFF!

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