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Movies I Love: Event Horizon

December 2nd, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Back in 1997 I was (and still am) a die-hard science fiction fan. I prefer sci-fi films in the vein of Blade Runner or the Aliens series. Dark atmospheres, unsettling imagery, protagonists dropped in the most dangerous and unfamiliar environments.

When Event Horizon was originally released it was marketed as a pretty standard sci-fi action-ish movie. Much like the marketing of the first Matrix film, Event Horizon’s previews left audiences thinking they knew more about the movie than they really did. Anyone who saw previews for this movie and then saw it in the theatre left with a very similar state of mind: Complete surprise and a very unsettling feeling.

The story takes place in 2047. Space travel has been perfected through nuclear-powered engines and hibernation cocoons that protect the ship’s crew from the massive amount (THIRTY G’s as quoted in the movie) of initial acceleration. Captain Miller (played by Morpheus, I mean Laurence Fishburne), our main hero, is taking his crew on a journey to recover the Event Horizon, widely known to the characters as the biggest space disaster in the history of the human race. This ship has been missing for years, and nobody knows where it’s been, only that it has returned.

Jack Noseworthy, known by many of my generation as the slightly odd-looking hero from MTV’s Dead at 21, plays the babyface of the group while Sam Neill plays the lead scientist who designed the Event Horizon, assigned to Miller’s ship to assist in the recovery.

It quickly becomes apparent to the crew that there is some type of intelligence at work in the ship. The Event Horizon did not return from its unknown destination alone. Dr. Weir (Neill’s character) begins to lose his sanity, and one-by-one the crew is pursued by very life like horrifying imagery from their past.

The creepy highlight of Event Horizon has to be the Core, essentially an artificial black hole used to warp space and transport the ship across huge distances in a very short amount of time.

I mean seriously, look at the thing, doesn’t it just bleed evil?

UPDATE: I just remebered. It does. Literally.

While I’d love to reveal the ending and the full story behind where the ship went it’s simply too great a movie to give away the unsettling surprise. To give you an idea, ponder this: The “presence” on the Event Horizon drives Noseworthy’s character to shoot himself out an air lock… with no pressure suit. To make the situation even worse, he awakes from his trance mere seconds before the lock opens.

Yeah, nasty stuff.

You can pick up Event Horizon at Amazon for $12.99.

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  1. December 11th, 2005 at 15:11 | #1

    One of my favorite movies, ever. And you’re right on the money in regards to what you think the movie is about and the surprise that is in store.

    Let’s not forget the song that’s played during the end credits. It’s great. Completely didn’t expect to hear that song but it really made for a nice vibe while exiting the theater after such an experience.

    Look it up at half.com if you’re budget-shopping. $5 to $10.

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