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Staying Put

January 12th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was having a conversation with an old friend who moved out to the west coast, and during this chat I was asked if I’ll ever move out of Lansing. Honestly, I’m not sure.

I was born in Kansas City Missouri but from what my parents told me I was there less than 6 months. My parents wanted to be closer to family so they moved back to the Lansing area. At the time I had two sets of grandparents within an hour’s drive and more aunts and uncles than I ever bothered to count, so they certainly had good reason.

I guess this could be said by any 25-year old who’s spent the majority of their life in one area, but they say that home is where the heart is and my heart never felt more at home then it does here.

I spent 6 years spending one weekend a month here and the majority of every summer vacation. Every time my sister and I left Illinois I felt like I was going home, and every time we had to get ready to go back I felt like I was packing up to move again.

A long time ago I realized I’m the kind of person who likes to really understand things. “Grok” would be a better word to use for the Heinlein fans out there.

I grok my home.

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