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Ben Franklin Had It Right, Georgetown Students to Gonzales: Back Off

January 25th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Just want to share a quote from this Boing Boing post:

That just about sums up my thoughts on the matter.

A group from the Future American Lawyers stood up during a recent speech by Alberto Gonzales and displayed this quote with backs turned to the podium. Mr. Gonzales was delivering a speech arguing the justifications for the Bush administration’s illegal wire taps.

All of this is thanks to Insomnia over at LiveJournal.

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  1. January 26th, 2006 at 12:33 | #1

    Just FYI, that quote was modified to suit that particular grop’s motive. The full quote is: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” (emphasis mine) I guess it depends on what your definitions of essential Liberty and a little temporary Safety are.

    Franklin also took part in the interception of messages from British intelligence during the Revolutionary war. So, those who invoke the name of one of our most admired founding fathers in support of protecting the privacy of communications in a time of war have simply not done their homework.

  2. January 26th, 2006 at 13:07 | #2

    Thanks for the info! I tried locating the quote elsewhere and couldn’t find an exact match. Now I know why 🙂

    I agree that it wasn’t the best choice of role model for them to use, but they’re talking about interception of messages directed at your own people, not a foreign power you are at war with.

    This is pure speculation, but I’d like to think that Franklin was intelligent enough to intercept messages while dealing with very few purely innocent ones. The same can not be said for what’s going on now, where entire communication systems are subject to filtering resulting in a massive false-positive rate.

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