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Feast Your Eyes On The Nintendo DS Lite

January 26th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Damn you Nintendo! Why must you continually introduce great hardware then make it even better a year or so down the road? And why do I keep loving almost everything you make after you keep doing this?

I’ll probably own one of these sooner or later. I do try and stick to a strict rule in this situation: Trade-in deals only. I got my SP by trading in my original GBA and a couple games, and a couple years or so later I picked up a DS by trading in that SP and a couple more games. These trade-in deals usually aren’t offered until the console has been out for a couple months or so (patience is a virtue).

Not a whole lot of solid details on the DS Lite are available yet, but you can check out the Japanese product page here.

via Kotaku

UPDATE: Gamespot has an article with a decent list of DS Lite tech specs. One notably missing item is any mention of reverse compatibility with GBA titles.

If any Nintendo employees happen across this, I’d like to make a minor suggestion: PLEASE ADD THE ABILITY TO PLAY OLD SCHOOL GAMEBOY AND GB COLOR GAMES BACK IN!!! And an easy way to link to the GameCube via standard GBA cable, both sorely missed features from the SP.

spec link via digg

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  1. February 3rd, 2006 at 13:55 | #1

    The DS is widely known as Nintendo’s “third pillar”, therefore it is not a successor to the GameBoy, which is why it not compatible with the back catalogue of GameBoy titles (original, Color).

    The next generation GameBoy Advance should be out either this year or next. Personally, I’ll be expecting some kind of “coming soon” announcement at this year’s E3.

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