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Alas Poor Bomberman

February 16th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I love the Bomberman series. It’s one of those games I grew up with and have thoroughly enjoyed on every platform I’ve ever played it on. Decades before Pokemon started the cute n’ violent trend this little bugger was destroying massive amounts of blocks and enemies in a game that mixed puzzle and action with simple game play that anyone could appreciate.

If you share the same love of this series you might want to sit down before you scroll down.

Then again, I don’t know many people who read web pages standing up…

This is Bomberman as he will appear in the freshly announced Bomberman: Act Zero for the Xbox360.

I'm going to be sick...

The original Bomberman is survived by his loving wife and two children, Bomberbaby and Bombertoddler. Memorial gifts of fireball power-ups can be directed to the great binary sprite memory dump in the sky.

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