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Sometimes That Voice In Your Head Makes Sense

Yesterday as we were leaving the house to grab some breakfast and run some errands a little voice in my head said “Hey, it’s a nice day out. You should take your camera.” Unfortunately the day was so nice I ultimately decided I didn’t want the extra weight in my pockets and opted to leave it at home.

I should have listened.

Early in the day I noticed a really odd looking car in a parking lot. As we drove by it I could make out a manufacturer’s license plate and an insane amount of black cladding all over the body. Anyone who keeps up with spy shots of new car models online knows exactly what I was looking at: An unreleased prototype version of some new car from GM.

I really should have listened.
From the back it appeared to be a new model of the Chevy Equinox. The front end had all the markings of a Jeep vehicle: Huge, straight vertical grill lines with perfectly round headlights positioned directly above the grill. Either there’s some crazy plans for the next Jeep Liberty or the next Equinox is going to be a big hit with Jeep fans.

Next time that camera will be in my pocket!

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