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$600 for the PS3???

A few months ago the president of Sony’s computer entertainment group issued a statement that (at the time) was the only statement dealing directly with the price of the upcoming Playstation3 console. Basically all they said was “we don’t have a price yet, but the PS3 will be a console that people will want to work overtime for.”

Overtime? As in SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of overtime? More like overkill.

And that’s really the issue here: Overkill. Overkill has long been Sony’s way of staying competitive in the console market. They effectively killed the Dreamcast by releasing a piece of paper detailing the specs for the then upcoming PS2. Valuable word-of-mouth hype for the Dreamcast was constantly in the shadow of a system which was nothing more than a spec sheet.

Got a competitor with a product that has already launched you want to bury? No problem! Just make a bunch of empty promises and worry about your ability to deliver on them later. And don’t worry about the first generation of your hardware. As long as you rush it to market and release several hardware updates over the years those first few thousand early adopters who bought your product won’t mind.

Why do you think it took Sony this long to release a price for the PS3? Simple: They still didn’t know until just the last couple weeks how much it would cost them to build.

Will they still sell a ton of PS3’s? Sure. Will I buy one before they drop the price and put it through at least one major hardware revision? No freakin’ way.

End rant.

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  1. May 16th, 2006 at 15:18 | #1

    $600? That’ll buy you a decent computer. A decent computer will do more for you than video games as well. There’s no way I’d pay that much for a video game system.

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