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And the band played on…only noone cared

So I went to the WWF (note to anyone who cares, I refuse to call it the WWE) house show at the Breslin Center on Sat. night. For the uninitiated, a house show is a completely untelevised event. There will be no title changes, nor are any storylines advanced/affected, unless someone suffers an injury severe enough to keep them off television. This -is- however, the way that most of the wrestlers, especially the ones who aren’t big names, make their money. The house show is wrestlings equivalent of a regular season game. You make more bonus cash when you play in the Super Bowl and the playoffs (or appear on the televised events and pay-per-views), but the meat of your check is made during the regular season. For those who attend, it’s wrestling for the sake of wrestling. Therefore, you would think the wrestling would be good, and it wouldn’t be blatantly obvious that most of the people just weren’t trying.

You would be wrong, in this case.

Bottom line, don’t ever go to a WWF non-televised event, even when the ticket and the concessions you consume are free, which they were for me.

That is all on this topic, before the furies consume me and i stick someone with a shiv.

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