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Radiohead’s Bonnaroo Show Will Be Streamed Online

Unfortunately the popularity of my favorite band continues to grow and as a result the ability to get into one of their (rare) shows continues to get more and more difficult.

Take Bonnaroo for example.  Would I really spend close to $1000 when it was all over to go see Radiohead at Bonnaroo, when I would really be spending all that money just to see one band?  No.  I’m sure the overall experience would be worth it, but it’s simply out of the question at the moment.

Thanks to a tip from greenplastic.com I’ll be watching their set online from the cozy confines of a desk, couch, or coffee shop.  AT&T will be streaming a large amount of the Bonnaroo festival at the link below.

At least this way I can enjoy the show without worrying about… well… all the people you would expect to find at Bonnaroo (just kidding, I’ve been told it’s a cool crowd by many people).

AT&T blue room presents Bonnaroo

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