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Weekend Quickies

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend and weren’t stuck at work for half of it (like I was).

But hey, I’m not going to argue with time and a half.

Here’s a few links to occupy some time with:

Fellow MarioKartDS owners rejoice! Here’s an explanation and several videos explaining how to dodge blue shells, and here is a video which explains the basics of snaking (or, how to cheat at the game without really cheating).

If you have problems getting your head around the magical workings of DNS (like I do) you should read this article.

Has anyone tried out AcquisitionX for Mac OS X? It’s a P2P app that has a large following, but I never run a new P2P app unless I personally know someone else who can give me a recommendation on it.

Long lost video fun: Randy Johnson reintroduces a bird to its maker with a fastball.

One of the reasons I think Adam Carolla rocks is that he really doesn’t care about the celebrity level of those he is forced to interact with. Case-in-point.

Want a one word, two second summary of the last World Cup 2006 game? Ouch.

Tired of roller coasters? Take a ride on the space shuttle’s booster rocket as it lifts off(quicktime). Link to source/other videos. Be sure to check out the composite separation video.

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  1. July 17th, 2006 at 19:38 | #1

    I use Acquisition regularly. Great program. Very solid, and most more feature rich and stable than Limewire, which sucks for the most part.

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