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Growl and Thunderbird

Growl rocks. It’s one of my favorite add-on applications for OS X, but I’ve always wondered why it doesn’t have the ability to create custom notifications. Thankfully you can create custom notifications, it just turns out to be a pain.

The link below gives a not-quite detailed enough account of how to enable Growl notifications for new messages received in Thunderbird.

In order to make the setup work on my machine I had to enable the root account via the NetInfo Manager (found in Applications -> Utilities) and create a /local/bin structure inside /usr.

Be sure to follow the instructions closely. You generally don’t want to make mistakes as root.

Generally 🙂

Neil’s World: Growl and Thunderbird

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  1. August 3rd, 2006 at 23:56 | #1

    There is a plugin for wordpress that will give you growl notifications when someone posts a comment and such its pretty slick. I used it for a while then I got tired of it. Google should hold the answer for where to find it, it WAS on the guys site who made the default Kubrick theme.

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