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Fake?? I’ll show you fake…

It’s your not-so-friendly neighbourhood Seth back with another rant of sorts.

Recently, I got into a debate with someone about the relative ‘realness’ of my favourite pasttime, pro wrestling. Their entire point was that since the entirety of pro wrestling follows a loose script, that there fore it was “fake” and therefore not worth their time. When pressed on that point, and reminded that television shows, movies, “reality shows”, basically everything thats not a newscast, documentary, or sporting event is scripted right down to the second, the conversation was ended with me being told that I didn’t understand their point.

Yes, professional wrestling is scripted.

No, it’s not a sport in the same way that football or baseball or basketball is.

If you’re going to avoid wrestling simply because it’s scripted, then you must by that logic only watch…well, nothing. Even the news follows a script as to when segments go on and are aired, and they’re definitely edited to show one perspective or another, or edited for content. It’s not 100 percent ‘really’ what happened most of the time.

Just so ya know…

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