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The Tourist is Among Us

August 16th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ladies and gentlemen please join me in extending a warm welcome to The Tourist aka Tyler Riggs, a long, LONG time buddy of mine. He left the great white north for the sunnier Arizona and we recently started IM’ing thanks to another long time friend. Some random occasion a few years back he had told me that George Romero’s Land of the Dead was so terrible I shouldn’t even bother seeing it.

I was shocked. This was the same guy who first showed me the original Dawn of the Dead.

This is what I got in return for a two sentence question this evening, asking him why he felt so strongly about it:

One VERY good reason. George Romero has tried several times to make a serious movie outside of the zombie genre. he has failed famously. Land of the Dead (LOD) was probably the last major movie he was ever going to make. And instead of utilizing John Leguizamo and creating a massive epic of violence and subtle social commentary, he instead chose to go with a gay ass “ooo, lets feel BAD for the zombies, they’re people too!” hippy fucking BULLSHIT. My main problem with LOD isnt that its that bad, its that it wasnt awesome. He had a shot, one last chance to bring the whole genre he started together. He could have combined dawn and day and mixed in a little 28, but instead the movie limped along until its rotting corpse fell apart and rotted.

A few minutes later we have ourselves a new contributing member 🙂

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