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Chain letters dont make me angry, they make me stabby…..

Oh, how I HATE chain letters…and the people that send them. Here are a few reasons why:

1. You will not save the life of some 6 year old addled with brain cancer by simply “forwarding a message”. If a six year old has brain cancer, God wants him to die. Dont mess with God’s plan. He will FUCK YOU UP.

2. The Make-a-wish Foundation doesnt use chain emails to get donations. People smarter than you use chain letters to entertain themselves. Dont be a retard.

3. I swear to CHRIST, if I get one more fucking email about a little kid and angels, I’m going
to burn down a church. A story about a little kid walking into a pharmacist looking to “buy
a meewacle” with money from her piggy bank for her terminally ill brother makes me angry. I
dont watch the family channel for a reason. I dont want this bullshit showing up in my inbox.

4. People dont use emails to find missing kids. They use the police and television.
And if you think forwarding an email about a kid who’s been missing for two weeks on the
other side of the country is going to help, you’re dumb. And wrong. But mostly dumb.

5. I WILL NOT, repeat will NOT, join your stupid fucking cause because of an email.
I will not save the baby seals, those fur coats they make out of them look too nice.
I will NOT try to stop horses from being killed for food. They’re an animal just like pigs or cows.
I will NOT change my political beliefs which took me 25 years to formulate because I got a
fucking email from a moron.

-the tourist

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