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Switching to Mail.app

September 10th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Mail.app, OS X’s built in email program, is loved by many a Mac user but generally not trusted by support techs dues some known issues with the app in general. Basically it’s a great mail program when it runs well but occasionally it can have problems that nobody but Apple seems to know how to fix.

Today I stopped using Thunderbird and switched to Mail.app. Both are on my system and I’m using IMAP so I can switch between them whenever I want.

Some of my friends might be asking “WHY???” Quite simple: Memory footprint. I noticed today that Thunderbird was using ~30MB of memory when running so I decided to compare them. Mail.app weighed in at about 18MB average.

Not too difficult a decision when you’re talking almost 50% difference.

I’ll be switching back when I can afford that 2GB RAM upgrade 😉

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