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OS Snob

December 24th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m really trying not to be an OS snob here. I’m really trying.

But it’s so hard not to be right now. Faced with a terminally boring day at work tomorrow Seth asked about setting up an old laptop with wireless for the really slow moments. We went with a Sony Vaio, 128MB RAM, Pentium III 750Mhz, not terrible hardware for simple browing purposes.

Problem is the poor thing has no internal optical drive and is still stuck running Windows XP SP-2. And of course since it hadn’t been fired up in quite a while (at least a year) it’s sitting next to me chugging through WIndows Update stuff.

Don’t even get me started on the startup time.

I bought an Apple computer because I’d never used one full time before and like its linux brethren my MacBook has an almost startlingly short startup (and shutdown) time when compared with any Windows computer I’ve ever used.

So while the Windows Genuine Advantage completes it’s installation (and my hands grow withered, spotted, and frail with age), I try and have faith in Microsoft. Because nobody’s ever been able to change the OS there’s no way in HELL this computer should fail the update process.

It may be old, and it may give me waaaayy to much time to sit here and write this very rant, but by GOD this laptop will run a successful Windows update.

Oh look at that. Finally done.

Nope, progress revoked. It just finished installing and running the tool which says I’m cleared to install all available updates. Somehow that was 57MB by itself.


25MB of downloaded updates and installation/configuration time later I know a lot more about installing operating systems with USB devices than I did before. We’ll see if I let this thing get the best of me.

You’re probably wondering if it’s still, literally, installing as I’m writing this. Giving me time to go back and do some meager and poor editing, make sure my spell checker isn’t pointing out any obvious problems, add or remove a bit here and there.

I really shouldn’t have to tell you the answer. Of COURSE it’s still updating. Stupid loud fan and all.

The old saying about judging a book by its cover can be paraphrased here into “don’t judge hardware by the operating system running it.” One day this laptop will be a lot happier with a different operating system behind the wheel.

And now I’m off to sleep off the horrors of last minute Christmas shopping.

The Vaio is installing update 2 of 40. Awesome.

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