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QuickProxy Firefox Addon

Update June 16 2008:

The developer of QuickProxy was nice enough to leave a comment on this post informing me that the firefox add-on is alive again! I just installed it in my copy of Firefox 3 RC 3 (Mac) and can’t wait to start using it, as it is definitely the best proxy switch add-on I’ve used.



Update April 13 2008:

I’ve been running the Firefox 3 beta for a while, and unfortunately it appears quickproxy is no longer being updated. Check out ProxySwitch, which does the same thing.


A couple months ago I posted about using a SOCKS proxy to secure your traffic when using an open wireless network (or any time you need to redirect traffic in a VPN-like fashion). Ever since then I’ve been using this tip a lot, but it has led to an annoying amount of opening and closing Firefox’s network preferences to check the proxy status.

QuickProxy to the rescue! I just found this today and it is perfect for what I need. It adds a simple icon to Firefox’s status bar which is green when the proxy is in use. Click on it and it turns gray, disabling the proxy.

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  1. Ozzie
    June 16th, 2008 at 08:10 | #1

    Just wanted to note that QuickProxy is still being updated, the lag for updating to Firefox beta 3 was an issue on my part, and a problem with waiting for the addon moderators to approve the extension updates. It’s now available and public, and is compatible with the latest release candidates, and is ready for the final release.

  2. June 16th, 2008 at 09:54 | #2

    Thanks Ozzie! I just installed it in my browser and it’s great to see that little icon back and working again. I’ve updated the original post above to reflect the new info.

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