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Richard Dreyfuss! (Updated: Getting Better)

Sometimes sarcasm is difficult to get across in text…

After a long second shift at work tonight, while Jen was getting down with some Final Fantasy XII, I decided to catch up on my RSS feed reading.

The Wharton Center announced their lineup for the next year, and it is shorter than normal because they want to leave room for tour acts that always come around mid-season.

That’s the good news.

To be honest, the only thing that really piqued my interest at all was Richard Dreyfuss on February 4th 2008.

That’s right, Richard Dreyfuss. About the only thing that can make this any better is if Treat Williams shows up and they sing a duet together.

UPDATE: 6/03/07 I saw a commercial tonight with more of the recently added performances and Monty Python’s Spamalot will be playing on December 4 – 9 2007. Definitely an improvement.

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