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Today’s The Day

Today is the day when we find out when the baby will start making use of all this stuff that we and other people have bought for him. They could induce labor today or within a couple days.

We’re hoping for today 🙂

Updates to follow…

[later that day, stately Allen Manor]

So, no baby. Yes, we are a tad disappointed.

In the grand scheme of things our desire for it to happen today was just what we wanted. Inducing labor in first time mothers increases the risk of c-sections, and as we told our doctors early on we want to avoid that as much as possible.

There are a few routine post due date tests that they’ll run on Monday and Thursday. Mostly heart rate monitoring from what I understand, and they already said he kicks ass at that. Woo! If we make it to Friday they will either induce labor then or schedule it for a day shortly after.

We decided he’s already grounded for at least a week because he won’t listen to us and come out 🙂

Mentally I’m pretty wiped out. Short of painting the house or belt sanding the floors there’s not much else I can do at the moment to prepare for the arrival of my son so I’m just trying to occupy time. Doing help desk work from home has been pretty cool. I’ve been cranking out some pretty high response counts compared to what I can usually do at the office while watching out for the new guys. This is definitely a one of a kind experience because as I’m sitting here writing this I can’t come up with anything to compare it against or come close to describing it.

Well maybe one: When I was in my teens I once stayed awake all night on the beach, and when the sun came up it was really beautiful but I was completely exhausted.

On that note, night all. Thanks for all the calls, emails, and notes wishing us well. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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