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Guster in EL 9-30-07

August 23rd, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m not a huge concert fan. I’d rather sit down and enjoy it so some venues are cool, others I’m just exhausted by the time a show is over (I still tease Jen about the abuse our bodies and ears took at the Pharcyde concert a few years back).

According to their email list Guster has an East Lansing show scheduled for September 30th. Speaking as someone who is both on said list and has watched for a loooong time as the closest show was at Interlochen, this is a rare occasion.

*Insert old timey suspense music* “Will Jay brave crowds of drunk MSU students to see Guster perform?”

I guess we’ll see… I’m thinking about it.

So far tickets are TBA for both time, exact location, and price.

UPDATE: Tickets are $25 and go on sale on 9/7/07. Show will be held at the MSU Auditorium.

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