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One Snazzy (Wooden) DS Cart Case

August 25th, 2006 4 comments

Web hosting companies purchase a lot of RAM, and today we got an email offering up some free cases that came with a recent purchase (for some reason it was cheaper to buy them in the cases).

They look like they’re made of real wood (probably not, but still a more than decent quality), and the small grey dots in the middle of the edges are magnets that hold it together when closed. The inside liner and cut out feels like some type of super dense foam rubber.

I realized a RAM stick is about the same height as a NintendoDS cartridge, so I took one home and sure enough they fit perfectly.

Sixteen carts can be snugly held in this case!

Manufacturer’s Page

Update: Joystiq posted this to their site today and traffic is way up so hang in there if the site gets a tad laggy.

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