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Two Words: Pelvic Fireballs

June 13th, 2007 1 comment

I have the privilege of knowing several fighting game fans here in Lansing. Three of us even duked it out in a Project Justice tournament at one of Lansing’s great privately owned video game stores, GameHits.

That link goes to the actual tournament results from that day, and no, I’m not the Jason who won it. That would be Jason Bryant, who helped get me prepped for the competition. I didn’t do very well, but I still won a few rounds and exceeded my expectations 🙂

Anyway, the video below is for people who actually know what I’m talking about. Screw Attack’s top 10 Worst Fighting Games.

Warning: Doggy humping and a scotsman who shoots fireballs from his naughty bits. It’s fantastic.

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The Best Thing I’ve Seen All Week

March 22nd, 2007 2 comments

My cats start dragon punch training tomorrow…

via joystiq

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PS3 Butchers PS2 Games

December 13th, 2006 No comments

As if I needed another reason not to buy a PS3, you know, besides the stupidly high price.

The only, I repeat ONLY, thing that made me get a PS2 was the huge amount of cheap used games available for it.

And now the PS3 butchers those PS1/PS2 games worse than an emulator.

Way to go Sony. Glad to see your quality checking standards haven’t changed much.

Video of this atrocity available at Joystiq.

Note that they can fix this with a firmware update. We’ll see what happens.

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One Snazzy (Wooden) DS Cart Case

August 25th, 2006 4 comments

Web hosting companies purchase a lot of RAM, and today we got an email offering up some free cases that came with a recent purchase (for some reason it was cheaper to buy them in the cases).

They look like they’re made of real wood (probably not, but still a more than decent quality), and the small grey dots in the middle of the edges are magnets that hold it together when closed. The inside liner and cut out feels like some type of super dense foam rubber.

I realized a RAM stick is about the same height as a NintendoDS cartridge, so I took one home and sure enough they fit perfectly.

Sixteen carts can be snugly held in this case!

Manufacturer’s Page

Update: Joystiq posted this to their site today and traffic is way up so hang in there if the site gets a tad laggy.

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Weekend Quickies

July 9th, 2006 1 comment

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend and weren’t stuck at work for half of it (like I was).

But hey, I’m not going to argue with time and a half.

Here’s a few links to occupy some time with:

Fellow MarioKartDS owners rejoice! Here’s an explanation and several videos explaining how to dodge blue shells, and here is a video which explains the basics of snaking (or, how to cheat at the game without really cheating).

If you have problems getting your head around the magical workings of DNS (like I do) you should read this article.

Has anyone tried out AcquisitionX for Mac OS X? It’s a P2P app that has a large following, but I never run a new P2P app unless I personally know someone else who can give me a recommendation on it.

Long lost video fun: Randy Johnson reintroduces a bird to its maker with a fastball.

One of the reasons I think Adam Carolla rocks is that he really doesn’t care about the celebrity level of those he is forced to interact with. Case-in-point.

Want a one word, two second summary of the last World Cup 2006 game? Ouch.

Tired of roller coasters? Take a ride on the space shuttle’s booster rocket as it lifts off(quicktime). Link to source/other videos. Be sure to check out the composite separation video.

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It’s DS Lite Time Folks

June 13th, 2006 No comments

Now that the DS Lite is out in the U.S. (and my wife has been using my original DS more than I do lately) it’s about time to head out and pick one up.  If you happen to be in the market for a DS Lite, or if this is your first time buying a DS, here are a few handy pointers:

Don’t be afraid to open the box in the store and power the unit up to check for dead pixels.   I had to return my first DS a day after I got it because I had a single dead pixel in almost the exact center of the upper display.  I honestly wouldn’t have minded so much if it wasn’t so unfortunately placed on the screen.  If you own a DS already take a game with you for testing purposes.  Metroid Prime Hunters (including the demo cart) works well for dead pixel testing.

Call first!  DS Lites are currently selling faster than the original DS did in its first few weeks on the market.  Don’t be surprised if you have to make a few calls to find one.

If you pick one up between now and June 18th you can also get a free copy of Brain Age at Best Buy or Circuit City.

If you’re looking for a good hands-on preview before you make that final decision check out this video.

Happy DS’ing y’all!

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Confirmed: Wii/Revolution for Under $250

May 25th, 2006 No comments

… which probably means $249.99, but that’s still half the cost of the cheapest PS3.

Talk about news that makes your day!

via Engadget

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$600 for the PS3???

May 9th, 2006 1 comment

A few months ago the president of Sony’s computer entertainment group issued a statement that (at the time) was the only statement dealing directly with the price of the upcoming Playstation3 console. Basically all they said was “we don’t have a price yet, but the PS3 will be a console that people will want to work overtime for.”

Overtime? As in SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of overtime? More like overkill.

And that’s really the issue here: Overkill. Overkill has long been Sony’s way of staying competitive in the console market. They effectively killed the Dreamcast by releasing a piece of paper detailing the specs for the then upcoming PS2. Valuable word-of-mouth hype for the Dreamcast was constantly in the shadow of a system which was nothing more than a spec sheet.

Got a competitor with a product that has already launched you want to bury? No problem! Just make a bunch of empty promises and worry about your ability to deliver on them later. And don’t worry about the first generation of your hardware. As long as you rush it to market and release several hardware updates over the years those first few thousand early adopters who bought your product won’t mind.

Why do you think it took Sony this long to release a price for the PS3? Simple: They still didn’t know until just the last couple weeks how much it would cost them to build.

Will they still sell a ton of PS3’s? Sure. Will I buy one before they drop the price and put it through at least one major hardware revision? No freakin’ way.

End rant.

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